Request: Swap Class story where a mom (swap class teacher) and her freshman son (in the swap class) swap into two hot senior lesbians and have to deal with the tension and give into it

“Fuck, mom, you’re so good at that,” Jamie hissed.
He threw his head back and stroked his mom’s hair, spreading his legs as she licked him long and deep. Jamie’s mom used her agile tongue to toy with his delicate pink folds until the first incredible waves of Casey’s orgasm pulsed through him. He moaned in Casey’s silky voice, enjoying her pleasure.
Jamie signed up for Swap Class where his mom was the teacher. Due to the uneven number of students, Jamie’s mom had to swap with someone in the class.
Jamie and his mom ended up in the bodies of two hot senior lesbians: Casey and Megan. At first, Jamie’s mom was reluctant to do anything untoward in her new body.
“Come on, mom,” Jamie explained. “We’re supposed to be seeing what it’s like to live someone else’s life. Our bodies are girlfriends so we’ve got the chance to have the full experience.”
It was a lot easier than Jamie expected to convince his mom. She helped him undress and taught him all about his new body as they explored every inch. They touched and stroked each other as they giggled softly, nubile bodies growing warm and aroused as they felt themselves up.
Finally, Jamie’s mom dipped between his new legs and her tongue found his new sex. She teased him with gentle licks as sparks flew behind Jamie’s eyes and his body wound higher and higher to a sweet and wonderful release.

A woman confined to a hospital bed gains the power to possess people and uses it to live out her sexy fantasies inside the nurses around her in Hospital Shift, available on Smashwords, Amazon or Body Swap Fiction. Preview here.

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