Hospital Shift (FtF and FtM Possession)

A woman confined to a hospital bed gains the power to possess people and uses it to live out her sexy fantasies inside the nurses around her in Hospital Shift, available on Smashwords, Amazon or Body Swap Fiction.

Sierra is facing weeks of court-mandated prohibition on her casual drug use as well as an excruciatingly boring week stuck in the hospital receiving antibiotics through a drip. But when her dealer gives her a hit of something new direct to her veins, Sierra finds herself untethered from her body. As she tries to fly her spirit back into her own body, she accidentally possesses one of the cute day nurses and opens up a whole new world of entertainment.

Her power only works within the confines of the hospital but that’s no problem. There are plenty of hot male and female nurses on the ward. Each new body has a different shape, a different feel, and a whole new set of sexual appetites.

And Sierra plans to experiment inside them all.

Sierra watched as Harmony, one of the day shift nurses, checked the clear plastic IV drip hanging by Sierra’s hospital bed.

“That’s the third one,” Sierra said, “Surely I’m cured by now.”

Harmony smiled politely and fixed Sierra with her striking blue eyes. “Not quite, hon. Four more days to go I’m afraid.”

Harmony bustled around to make some notes on Sierra’s chart while Sierra settled back in the bed and pulled the coarse hospital covers up around her. She was careful not to jostle her left arm where the tip of a plastic tube—one end of the peripherally inserted central catheter—stuck out from her pale skin and snaked up the IV line to the bag of antibiotics.

Sierra didn’t know why they bothered with it. She could swallow pills perfectly fine. Perhaps they just didn’t trust her. So she’d done a few drugs, spent a little time in court and more time in various rehab programs. That didn’t mean she wouldn’t swallow antibiotics. It just meant she would swallow other things given half a chance. The craving for a hit was still there but somewhat mellowed after two weeks of court mandated abstinence in a holding cell before being transferred to the hospital.

God, Sierra was bored already. She was going to go crazy cooped up in here for the next few days to finish the course of antibiotics. Maybe her dealer, Miles, could sneak something in just to take the edge off.

“Is there anything I can do in here?”

“There’s a television.”

“Blech. Anything else?”

“Well,” Harmony screwed up her face in thought. Her body wasn’t much to look at. She was skinny like Sierra, though Harmony’s physique probably came naturally and not from what Sierra’s parents and the courts called ‘an excessive amount of drugs’. But Harmony’s face was exquisite, with perfectly sculpted features that would make the gods weep. “You’ve got your phone.”

“I don’t have anything interesting on it. Just the internet.”

“Sorry,” Harmony shrugged.

“Can you tell me a story or something? Come on, you look like a party girl. Let me live through you.” Sierra had caught the distinct odor of pot from Harmony on at least one occasion already.

Harmony tucked her blonde hair back behind an ear and blushed. “Not just a party girl,” she mumbled.

“I didn’t mean that.”

“Look,” Harmony said, and Sierra could tell she was about to shut her down. “You seem nice and all but I really don’t feel comfortable sharing my life with a stranger.”

“How about in three days when we’re no longer strangers?”

Harmony laughed. “Maybe,” she replied, her eyes twinkling.

Sierra bet she could wear Harmony down. She’d always had the sparkling personality that attracted people like flies to honey. Part of how she got herself into this infection mess in the first place.

Another nurse poked his head through the door, one muscular arm gently gripping the doorframe. “Hey Harmony, when you’re done here can I see you next door?”

“Sure, Isaac.”

Isaac shot her a smile and retreated.

“So that’s the Isaac I’ve been hearing so much,” Sierra said. “He’s a hottie.”

She’d caught snippets of his voice as he’d passed by her room and had heard his boisterous laugh all the way down the hall from the nurses’ station. It was nice to see that his wonderful baritone voice matched his body, all dimples and solid frame and a jaw that could cut glass.

“Don’t tell him that. It will go straight to his head.” Harmony said, placing Sierra’s chart back on the hook at the foot of the bed.

I’d like to go straight to his head.”

“Uh huh,” A smile played at the edge of Harmony’s lips.

“If you know what I mean.”

“I do.”

“His penis.”

“Okay,” Harmony stifled a laugh as she tried and failed to look stern. “Don’t let him hear you say that. He’s the world’s biggest flirt.”

“I don’t mind,” Sierra wiggled her slender eyebrows suggestively.

“He’s married.”

“Still don’t mind. Come on, girl, don’t tell me you wouldn’t hit that.”

“No, no, no,” Harmony demurred, beginning to back out of the room. “That would be so weird.”

“Suuure. You can’t tell me you’ve never had sex with a colleague before.”


“Don’t know what you’re missing.” Sierra shrugged. “Illicit work sex is the best.”

“I’ll just take your word for it,” Harmony said, smiling now. “I’ve got to go.”

“You’ll have to tell me everything that happens when you come back!”

“It will all be very boring, I’m sure,” Harmony demurred as she left the room.

Sierra lay back in bed and stared at the ceiling. She reached for her phone, fiddled with it but couldn’t find anything interesting. She didn’t have much data anyway. No one to talk to or text. She put the phone back on the small table by her bed and sighed. She turned on the television hanging from the ceiling and flipped through the offerings. News. Sports. Shitty sitcom.

It was a relief when Miles slipped into her room around noon, glancing back out the door before closing it behind him.

“Miles!” Sierra shouted in glee. “I didn’t think you’d make it.”

Miles’s bald head gleamed in the fluorescent lights. He gave Sierra a hug and then pulled over a chair. It creaked under his weight as he settled himself down.

“How you doing, girl?” Miles asked genially.

“Bored out of my fucking mind.”

“Ain’t the same without you.”

“Hell no it isn’t!” Sierra grinned.

Miles and Sierra kept each other functioning, but also kept each other high. More than once they’d shared their latest stash and collapsed together on the floor of whatever rented room they could find, stoned out of their minds, each off in their own little world. Miles, with his hefty bulk, acted as Sierra’s bodyguard. While Sierra—smaller, thinner and prettier despite her constant drug use—was responsible for actually buying the drugs. Dealers would give her a discount for her pretty face or, more often, the use of her pretty lips. Sierra was down for whatever kept the drugs flowing.

The door opened and another nurse, Jen, came in. Sort of a busybody and acted the role of the mom of the other nurses on the ward. A hot mom, to be sure, but a mom nonetheless with all the suspicion and overbearing bullshit Sierra hated about her own.

“Sorry, just checking some things,” Jen trilled too nonchalantly in her light Italian accent.

She flitted about the room making herself busy with the charts and the machines, occasionally glancing over at Miles as he chatted with Sierra about mundane things. Jen stayed much longer than necessary and Sierra caught Miles more than once glancing over at her as she bent down, her plump butt in the air, the bottom of her uniform pulling up just slightly to reveal the olive skin of her back. Miles was a horn dog at the best of times and Sierra snapped her fingers to get his attention and mouthed ‘don’t’.

“Visiting time is almost over,” Jen warned as she finally left.

When she was gone Miles barked a laugh. “Shit. You see the way she was looking at me?”

“I saw the way you were looking at her.”


“Ha. You wish.”

“Naw. She was eyeing me. Ten bucks says she thinks I’m your dealer.”

“Now I wish.”

“Can you believe that shit? Fucking profiling. I did bring you something, though.”

Miles reached into his pocket and retrieved a small baggie with brown gunk in it. He held it up to Sierra and her eyes lit up.

“Is that…?” Sierra asked.

“Fuck yeah it is. You want it now?”

“God, yes.”

“It ain’t gonna react with whatever shit they’re putting in to you?”

“Just antibiotics. It’ll be fine.”

“All right.” Miles leaned forward and looked at her arm, where the little tube protruded and met up with the IV line. “How do we do this?”

“Just put it right in there. I’ve watched them switch this out a bunch.”

Sierra copied what she’d seen from the other nurses to detach the IV line as Miles brought out his paraphernalia and readied the drug, furtively glancing behind him at the open door every now and then. When the stuff was ready he quickly plunged it into the line leading to Sierra’s veins. Sierra barely had time to reattach the IV when the drugs hit her.

“Fuuuuuck,” Sierra hissed.

It wasn’t like any hit she’d ever had before. Everything seemed to move in slow motion. Each part of her body throbbed with pins and needles. When the first potent hit eased off Sierra was left being able to feel too much. Each stitch in the thin hospital blanket. Each molecule of oxygen as it flowed through her veins. It overloaded her mind and she closed her eyes. She was aware she was falling back on to the bed oh-so-slowly, time almost standing still.

And then, suddenly, she couldn’t feel anything. She was weightless but had the strange sensation she was floating. The intensity of the drug hit was dulled, freeing her mind to wonder at why the ceiling suddenly seemed so close to her face.

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