You like it?

“You like it?” Veronica asked after freeing her tits.
“Holy shit, your mom has amazing tits.” Jay gushed.
“Yeah,” Veronica giggled, unsure why her son’s friend was talking about her like she wasn’t there. “Want to touch ’em?”
Veronica had never done anything like this before. She was friendly with her son and his friends but today, as she was sitting at her computer while her son was up in his room with Jay, she felt compelled to slip out of her clothes and touch herself. All the while she marveled at her body, pretending she’d never seen it before.
“Oh my god, look at these titties!” She exclaimed, clapping her hands to her heavy chest.
It was so fun pretending to be someone else that she ran upstairs to her son’s room to show him. Her son wasn’t there but his friend was, and he was holding some sort of weird amulet which he put down when Veronica pushed open the door.
Jay stood and caressed Veronica’s tits at her invitation. It was out of character for her but the spontaneity injected some fun into the day. She had no idea it was her son inside her, controlling her as she jiggled her tits and let Jay’s hands slide around her body. She thought it was her own idea to let Jay stroke her, to guide his fingers between her legs and part herself for him.
She was sure it was her own desire to bounce on his young cock as they both pawed at her tits like teenage guys. And it was definitely her own orgasm that swept through her as she rode on Jay’s stiff manhood.

Chapter 1 of a serial in which a troubled eighteen year old son is magically swapped into his mom’s body and must obey her commands until he learns his lesson. Make Me is too taboo for Amazon and only available on Smashwords or Body Swap Stories. Preview here.

This is the first in a new series of Quickies, which will be shorter, punchier stories that get right to the swapping and sex!

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