An experience he would never forget

It hadn’t been a successful date as far as Alex was concerned. Sure, Kate was gorgeous and the tight blue dress accentuated her body. But she was self-absorbed and they didn’t really have anything in common. Unfortunately for the two of them, their date occurred the day of the Great Shift.
Alex had pulled up to the curb and was dropping her off at her place when the world flipped. Suddenly, he was the one standing in the street, his hand on the handle of the door. Long black hair tickled down his face and the breeze whipped at his bare top and legs. Looking down, he saw he was in Kate’s body.
He panicked. She panicked. Everyone on the street was panicking. Alex followed Kate into the safety of her apartment, stumbling on her high heels. How the hell did women walk in these things?
Now she was downstairs on a long phone call to her family and Alex was left alone upstairs in her body. There was a huge full length mirror in the room and he stood in front of it. Kate’s reflection peered back at him and his gaze dropped down his new body. She was hot, no doubt about it. The real Kate was preoccupied downstairs. Meanwhile, just looking at himself, moving her body made him warm and tingly.
Alex didn’t know when he’d have an opportunity like this ever again. He could shift back at any moment. He hiked up his dress and began sliding his panties off down his long legs, all the while staring at his gorgeous face in the mirror. This was going to be an experience he would never forget.

A woman confined to a hospital bed gains the power to possess people and uses it to live out her sexy fantasies inside the nurses around her in Hospital Shift, available on Smashwords, Amazon or Body Swap Fiction. Preview here.

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  1. As the new girl was fingering herself, suddenly Kate walked in and saw Alex. She said, well, if you really want something inside your pussy, I’ll make it happen as I now have the cock! After an afternoon of pleasure they decided that maybe their new bodies were not so bad after all! Zoe

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