What’s the matter big brother?

Request: How about a time where the bully lands in his victims hot sister for swap class for the whole semester?

"What's the matter, big brother? Don't like titties?" Ben asked.
He'd pulled down his pink top and was stroking his new breasts. They were firm and bouncy beneath his fingers, the skin warm, the little nipples already hard with anticipation.
"Stop that! I'm gonna tell!" Matt said, looking away from his topless sister.
"Awww, is the wittle baby scared of boobies?" Ben laughed, before suddenly turning serious. "You tell and I will fucking wreck your sister before anyone can stop me. Bet a hot piece of ass like this could make a lot of money downtown."
Ben had been bullying Matt for a long time. So Ben was delighted when he ended up in the body of Matt's hot sister, Miley, during Swap Class. Not only was he in the body of a hottie, but he could torture Matt all semester.
"Here's how this is going to work, Mattie-boy," Ben began. "I'm going to walk around topless whenever I want and you're going to shut the fuck up and enjoy your sister's tits. And if I'm feeling extra nice I'll let you touch them."
"I don't want to touch them."
"Too bad. Sometimes they might need to be touched. And sometimes, I might need a little help with this body."
"What do you--"
Ben pulled up his skirt and slid his hand across his pussy.
"Mmmm, definitely wouldn't mind a hand with this...or something else."
Matt left the room as Ben began stroking himself. Ben didn't even notice him leave, so caught up in the pleasure of his lithe little body.

Alastair’s final trial is to be switched into the body of a woman in prison, and placed at the mercy of the men guarding him in Gods and Men (Part 2), available on Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.

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