Tremendous weight

Even half asleep, Brody had a sense something was wrong. He was lying on the bed and as he shifted a tremendous weight fell down his chest. Sleepily, one hand came up to his head, gathering in a mass of silky long hair. The other hand came down to scratch his butt, found smooth skin with only a tiny scrap of covering. His butt was much too round, much too squeezable. He cracked open his eyes and found himself gazing at two huge breasts.
Brody shot up in bed. The heavy weight of his tits swung down his chest and he stared down at the feminine body he was now inside. He recognized those tits. They were on that prostitute he'd brought back to the room. He got up and stumbled around the room to the bathroom mirror. Staring back was the reflection of the busty woman he'd fucked last night. They were the same tits he'd thrust his face between, the same lips he'd kissed, the same pussy he'd...oh god!
There was a note on the nightstand:
This is your body now. Your name is Lindsay McDonald. I'm sick of fucking strange men for money and your life seemed pretty good. If you ever try to find me I'll have you arrested and locked up in a mental asylum. Better learn to enjoy your new life. PS: I wasn't on birth control so you're going to want to take care of that before you're stuck with a baby.

Alastair’s final trial is to be switched into the body of a woman in prison, and placed at the mercy of the men guarding him in Gods and Men (Part 2), available on Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.


  1. I will want to have a Baby.
    Next I will put it for Adoption.
    3rd I will get a job as a Author, or Artist.
    Next get Married to a Nice Man.
    4th make more Children.
    Next tell them about there ½ Sibling.
    6th teach them about sex and love.
    Next become a Grand Mother.
    Last live the next 5 years to 30 years seeing Earth, and learning about other humans.

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