Gods and Men 2 (MtF Gender Swap)

Alastair’s final trial is to be switched into the body of a woman in prison, and placed at the mercy of the men guarding him in Gods and Men (Part 2), available on Smashwords or Amazon.

Alastair was still getting used to his own body. He hadn’t had any time to come to terms with it and only now, walking down the hall in silence but for the tromp of the guards’ boots, could he really feel all the little differences. He was heavier everywhere. His hips had a more definite sway from his bigger butt. His thicker thighs swished together. The lack of a bra meant his heavy tits jostled up and down at each step. Alastair knew some guys enjoyed this body type – would have considered it pleasantly plump. But for Alastair, who’d been used to fucking stick-thin supermodels all his life, he felt like a whale. Lumpy and fat.

So why was his disgust at the shape of his body making him moist with arousal?

The guards opened a door at the far end of the hallway and Alastair found himself outside in a small courtyard surrounded on two sides by corrugated iron sheds and on the third by a huge stone wall, the top bristling with barbed wire. The guards led Alastair and the other women into one of the sheds and flicked on the light. In the middle of the bare stone floor lay a dirty blanket. Two long cylinders with bulbous ends lay atop it, and it took a second for Alastair to realize the cylinders were actually dildos.

Alastair and the other woman were made to stand on the blanket while the other guards formed a circle around them. Alastair’s heart hammered in his chest while the guards took their time sorting out cigarettes and lighting them. Finally, they all turned to look at Alastair. The evil-looking guard smiled at them both.

“Valentina. Maria. You are the most beautiful girls in the prison.”

“And the biggest tits,” another guard chimed in to general laughter.

The evil-looking man continued in a perfunctory way. “For that you get good treatment. You will have sex with each other now and the good treatment will continue.”

“And make it look good,” another guard added.

Alastair turned to Maria, dumbfounded. She was already moving towards him and she wrapped her arms around his waist. She nuzzled against his neck as he stood, frozen in fear and embarrassment. Maria kissed her way across his jaw as she reached behind him to grab a handful of his plump ass. She nibbled on his ear and whispered urgently, her hot breath causing pleasant goosebumps to break out across his skin.

“What are you doing? Kiss me back, stupid girl, or they will beat us.”

That broke the spell for Alastair. He kissed her on the cheek hesitantly. She’d washed her face, maybe preparing for this moment, and her skin smelled clean and wonderful. Their lips met and her tongue snaked into his mouth as she clutched at him. Alastair felt his body responding as he slid his own hands up between their bodies, wandering across Maria’s chest and stroking her heavy tits. They were firm beneath his hands, bobbing as he squeezed and released them.

Maria helped him take his soiled grey top off and fling it to the floor. The guards whistled approval as Alastair’s bare breasts swung down into Maria’s waiting hands. She cupped them gently and nuzzled each tit, her tongue sliding around his sensitive nipples. She sucked on one, then the other, covering them with her warm lips and flicking her tongue across them. Alastair’s nipples spiked to attention in her mouth as pleasure flared through him.

She paused as he pulled off her shirt and admired her tits. They were flatter than his, and lined with slight stretch marks. She had a motherly body, with a slight pouch of a stomach, but soft and pleasant to grab and stroke. Her tits swung hypnotically from her chest as Alastair played with them, mesmerized by her body. It wasn’t at all the type of woman he would usually fuck. And he was well aware that the plump body he was fondling resembled his current one.

The guards murmured approval as the women took each other in their arms and kissed again. Despite his shame and disgust—or maybe because of it—Alastair was getting turned on. He was aware of a desire building within him, driving him on, pushing his hands across Maria’s wide expanse of tits as she groped him in return. Her hand slid between his legs and he felt her pause momentarily as she found his wetness, perhaps surprised at how turned on he was. He pressed his lips harder against her and grinded his pussy against her hand. Sliding his other hand up between them he cupped her breast, squeezing the jiggling weight.

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