My former voice made me jump and I turned guiltily, my thumb still hooked through Chelsea's bra.
	"I couldn't help it," I mumbled.
	I fumbled with my bra but my fingers got stuck. I tried to shake it off my arm but all that succeeded in doing was making Chelsea's bare breast bounce. I looked down at my body to try to untangle myself and found my gaze landing on Chelsea's tiny pink nipple, still aroused from the attention I'd been giving it before I was interrupted.
	"I can't believe you were looking at my body!"
	A group of us had been invited down to a friend's beach house for spring break. While strolling the beach, I'd found an interesting shell and handed it to Chelsea to have a look at. The instant Chelsea touched it we swapped bodies and couldn't find out how to swap back.
	"Let me do that," Chelsea said, stepping up and untangling my arm before pushing the bra back up over my breast.
	I felt something brush my bare thigh and glanced down to see her morning erection bulging out her pajama bottoms. She followed my gaze and pulled away from me.
	"What's going on there?" I asked.
	"I can't control this thing," Chelsea said.
	"Maybe I can help with that," I suggested.
	I turned around and stroked Chelsea's cock with my slender new hand. She didn't protest, just stared into my eyes as her lust grew.

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