Mother day

For Mother's Day I offered to give my mom a break. I just meant a break from her chores but she wanted a break from her life. She used a magic spell to swap bodies with me and then went out with my friends. I stayed home and did all the chores: laundry, dishes, cleaning, gardening. It took some getting used to moving around in mom's body. I never did quite get the sway of the hips, and her pendulous breasts were always at the back of my mind. After a few hours the house was in great shape but my mom was still out.
I figured, hell, I did all the work I should get some sort of reward.
I locked myself in mom's room and undressed, slipping out of my bra and lying down on the bed. My massive breasts flopped down over my chest and I took them in both hands, exploring the warm skin and smooth contours of my borrowed body. Mom's fleshy breasts were fun to stroke and squeeze, and I got turned on by the sight of her hands stroking her body. Slowly one hand slid down between my legs and landed on my moistening entrance. I moaned softly as I slipped one of mom's fingers into her pussy, feeling the little lips clasp it as I touched the warm velvety folds beneath.
After a little experimentation I found the perfect angle and firmness, and I circled my little clit. Fire licked my body, driving me on until I came, sinking deep into mom's wet pussy and crying out in her throaty voice as I came.

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  1. Can you do a continuation of this story where dad comes home and doesn’t know about the swap but just sees mom like this and is like “ooh guess I get to give part of my mother’s day gift to you”

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