The other side

Request: I’m a big fan of your captions. I’m currently dating a trans man named Ace and we’re about to take a vacation together. I think it could be interesting to have a caption where we swap so he can try being a biological man while we’re on vacation, maybe even permanently

Jack and Ace took a week long trip to Exchange Island. Ace was a trans man trying to decide whether he would have bottom surgery or not. Fortunately for him, he ended up in the body of an underwear model. He was toned and muscular, with an impressive cock.
Unfortunately for Jack, he ended up in the body of another model: a lingerie model.
"Oh my god, ew!" he cried, when he yanked open the hem of his stretchy yoga pants and looked down at his new sex. "I've got a pussy!"
"You always knew it was a possibility," Ace said, his hands already on his erect cock. He marveled at the sensation, and quickly grew erect as he made his studly body stroke his new dick. "Can we try mine out first?"
"Fine," Jack agreed, and got to work, wrapping his soft new lips around Ace's dick.
Ace's pleasure was intense and immediate, and he groaned as his cock was enveloped by his boyfriend's wet mouth. A yearning tension made itself known at the base of his dick, rising in intensity as Jack worked his little mouth up and down the shaft.
Jack loved sucking his boyfriend's cock, and found that his new body was getting turned on, becoming slippery and wet. When he couldn't take it any more he turned around.
"Fuck me, Ace," Jack begged.
Ace grinned and grabbed Jack's hips before pushing himself inside. Jack trembled as he was filled.
Ace's cock felt so perfect lodged within his boyfriend's wet, hot canal, he thrust faster and came all too quickly. The experience of cumming was fantastic, hot seed spurting out of his dick and filling the tight little body in front of him, bringing with it a tremendous relief. 

In order to save his life, a young man’s mind is transferred into a mature woman’s body in Transfer (Part 1), available on Smashwords, Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.


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