When I opened the door I found my best friend, Jenna, in the hallway. Or, at least someone wearing her body.
"Hi, Nadia," Jenna said. "I did it. It's me, Alan."
"Shit," I breathed, taking her in. "Prove it."
She smiled, stepped forward and kissed me on the lips. After a pause I kissed her back, running my fingers through her silky brunette hair and pulling our lips closer. Her hands slid around to my butt.
I pulled away and stared into her eyes.
"This is amazing," I whispered.
Last week I'd confessed to my boyfriend, Alan, that I had a little crush on Jenna, and if I were to have sex with any woman it would be her. Alan wouldn't let it go and told me about a power he had to possess other people. The more he explained that it would be possible to enjoy Nadia for the night the more intrigued I became until I gave in and asked him to do it.
Now, Nadia was in my arms and I was trembling. Her beautiful face broke into a smile and she returned her lips to me. She tasted so sweet, her lips so soft and warm on mine. She was rougher than I'd imagined, with Alan's mind inside her, but I taught him how to go slow, how to be more tender and enjoy the buildup. Because the explosion would all be worth it.

In order to save his life, a young man’s mind is transferred into a mature woman’s body in Transfer (Part 1), available on Smashwords, Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.

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