A night as my wife

"Fuck, having your pussy feels so good," I moaned from within my wife's body as I rode back and forth on my own dick.
She only grunted in agreement as she gripped my waist and pushed me back down the slick warm shaft.
I stared down my wife's body, turned on from seeing herself through her own eyes. My gaze paused on the heavy breasts bouncing from my chest, breasts I'd slipped my head between, licked and sucked and kissed - now mine!.
I tossed my head, felt the silky hair tickle across my shoulders, heard the breathy moan of my wife coming from my own lips. I returned my gaze to myself, enamored at the sight of the body I now controlled.
I spread my legs and felt a surge of warm desire as I gazed at the velvety lips, which were spread apart by a thick warm cock. I felt it filling me, pressing apart the walls of my wife's cunt, disappearing into my own body. The heat filled me, made me moan again and drive down, desire making me needy to be filled with that hard-soft heat.
My pleasure rose within me, nearly spiking, and then my wife grunted and released herself into me. I felt her throbbing inside me, jetting hot cum into my pussy. She gripped me and fucked harder, emptying herself into me.
But, goddamn, I hadn't cum yet. I slipped off her and lay on my back, urgent fingers sliding into my wet folds, urging the heat on towards a glorious climax. My wife slid her thick fingers on either side of my clit and rubbed in the rhythm I needed. I came hard, enjoying my wife's immense orgasm

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  1. At the same moment we both enjoyed my orgasm, I was overwhelmed with a very weird feeling: it was, as if I was very consciously aware of being firmly stucked inside my wife’s body, experiencing this in a very sensually sensitive way. I opened my eyes and looked into the eyes of my former male body – and I could see the same kind of surprised consciousness in these eyes too, my wife had the same experience as I. Then it hit us at the same moment: we were stuck in each others body! Immediately we tried the return swap, but our suspects were soon confirmed. We looked into our eyes, and then we decided not only to accept the new reality, but also to enjoy it to the fullest. Another round of lovemaking started, and this one was going to bless us: a few weeks later a pregnancy test confirmed my pregnancy, and we prepared ourselves to receive our daughter in love, giving her a sweet and caring home at the start of her life with us …. . – Tom –

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