Really my wife

When the Great Shift hit and put my wife into my daughter's body I thought our marriage was over. They had been involved in a rare triple swap, and my daughter had ended up in the body of the teenage guy next door while he ended up inside my wife.
Over the next few weeks I found it odd that my wife would make excuses to sit on my lap and parade around the house in just a bra and panties when our daughter wasn't home. It all came to a head when I caught her masturbating in the bedroom and she confessed she thought the idea of us together was hot. 
I tried to resist but she knew just what to say. I knew deep inside she was really my wife, and also I'd been without sex for weeks. I was weak, I admit it, but the first time I jumped onto her and slid into my daughter's tight wet hole was heaven. My cock throbbed for her and she moaned as I thrust deep into her virgin pussy, cumming much too quickly. 
I was ashamed to admit how much I wanted my daughter after that, but my wife kept no secret how much she wanted me. It was hot because it was forbidden and we slipped away often for a long, hard fuck.
We managed to keep it a secret until one afternoon when we thought our daughter would be gone for hours. She'd forgotten something and returned to the house to grab it, where she caught us in bed. I was licking her former feet, sucking on one of her dainty little toes and lodged deep inside her former pussy.
The timing was unfortunate because my wife orgasmed just as my daughter opened the door. She saw her former body, mouth agape, crying out in delight as her dad sucked on her toes and thrust deep into the pussy she used to own. That was what really changed the family dynamics.

Alastair’s final trial is to be switched into the body of a woman in prison, and placed at the mercy of the men guarding him in Gods and Men (Part 2), available on Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.


  1. please do a part 2 of the daughter in the teenage boys body fucking the teenage boy in her mom’s body

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