"Mmm," My girlfriend moaned from within my mom's body as she trapped my cock between her feet and wrapped her lips around my shaft. My cock grew hard within my mom's mouth, and my girlfriend pulled mom's lips off me and grinned.
"See? I knew you'd come around," she purred.
The last few days had been very confusing for me. I thought my girlfriend had died in a car crash, only to find out later that she'd somehow swapped bodies with my mom shortly before the crash. It was my mom who'd been killed while my girlfriend took over her body.
And my girlfriend was still in love with me and insisted on pleasuring me from within my mom's body. God, she was so good with her lips and teeth and tongue I could close my eyes and almost imagine it wasn't my mom's mouth she was using to suck my dick.
When she rolled over I was so hard, so horny. I sucked on her toes as I plunged my slick cock deep into her folds. She moaned as her pussy clasped me. I was thrown off at first, hearing my mom calling my name, urging me to fuck her, but the feel of each little curve of her little toes beneath my tongue made me shiver and cum.
I never knew how wonderful my mom's feet were, how sensitive her body was, how wonderfully wet and warm her pussy was. But soon I became an expert in playing her body.

Alastair’s final trial is to be switched into the body of a woman in prison, and placed at the mercy of the men guarding him in Gods and Men (Part 2), available on Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.


  1. Oh god, how I would like to have that luck. I would love to swap my 19 year old female body against an older one like that 😍

  2. I’m a big fan of your captions and storys.

    I bought some your previously published stories in Smashwords.

    Before I leave a comment, I have to say sorry that I comment publicly on your post like this because because I don’t know how do I send you a message personally.

    When I saw your new story collection, Body Switch Collection: Volume 12, in Smashwords and read the titles included in it, I found the title which is already included in Body Switch Collection: Volume 11 , is included in Voulme 12 again. That means that if I buy both volumes 11 and 12, I will buy the same short story twice.

    If you recognize this problem, I would like you to correct volume 12.

    1. Aw, crap, I messed up. I’ve just fixed it and updated everything but Amazon will take a day or 2 for the changes to push through. I’ll provide a direct link when that happens. Good catch! Thanks.

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