Another spell that could help

There must be another spell in this book that could help, thought Manuel as he flipped through the pages of the spell book with his sister's nimble fingers. Every now and then he would look down and admire his round breasts, stroking one gently and watching as it bounced.
He flicked his head to toss the silky hair out of his eyes then shuffled around on the couch. One of his hands came to rest against his inner thigh and he stroked himself lightly, sending a burst of goosebumps through him. His palm rested against his sister's pussy, which had given him so much pleasure since yesterday.
Manuel and his sister, Mariana, had been going through the stash of junk left in their grandmother's attic after she died when they came upon the book. Thinking it was some sort of joke, Manuel teased his sister.
"I'm going to steal your body, sis," he laughed. She hit him playfully and then he recited the spell.
To their surprise it worked. The world flipped and Manuel found himself looking out from behind his sister's eyes. After the shock subsided, Manuel looked at the spell book and found the spell would wear off in 24 hours.
When he was finally alone that night he couldn't resist touching himself, running his fingers along his nubile body and then stroking his sensitive new pussy. He stuffed the pillow in his mouth so his moans wouldn't wake any other family members, and spent hours fingering himself, sliding in and out of his wet canal as he played with his sister's tits.
The next day, when he had some more alone time, he sat down and flipped through the book, searching for a spell that would make the switch permanent.

Alastair’s final trial is to be switched into the body of a woman in prison, and placed at the mercy of the men guarding him in Gods and Men (Part 2), available on Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.


  1. I will make the same choice as Manuel and search for a way to stay Mariana permanently. And no, I will never regret that free choice …. . – Tom –

  2. If I will become such a lovely, gorgeous woman myself I will make sure that I will stay such a woman for the rest of my life, permanently! – Tom –

  3. Are you goanna do a part 2 to this where he keeps his new body by tricking his sister in to fucking him

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