Body Switch Collection Volume 12

5 more previously published stories by M Wills featuring body swaps and gender switches, available on Smashwords or Amazon. Stories include:

The Body Thief (M2F Possession)
Bethany had her body temporarily stolen years ago by a body thief who forced her to watch from behind her own eyes as he took over her life for his own pleasure. She vowed never to let it happen again, training hard at the gym and changing her routine to stay safe. But all it takes is one slip up at the wrong time for the thief to take her over once more and uncover her own hidden desires.

The Other Woman (F2F Transformation)
Veronica didn’t trust her fiancee so she came up with a plan to test him by using her witch’s magic to temporarily transform herself into Candi, the blonde stripper who keeps buzzing around their table at the strip club. When Veronica returns to her body she finds that her memories are slowly changing. Is it a flaw in the spell? Or something more nefarious?

Swap Brothel (M2F Body Swap)
The swap brothel offers a chance for people to temporarily become any of the girls on offer for a price. Tyler’s been a regular for months, swapping into his favorite big breasted beauty, Mia, and enjoying himself. But one day while he’s inside Mia she escapes with his body, leaving him trapped in her gorgeous body until the police can find her. Can he escape before her desires become his own?

Leading Her On (M2F Body Possession)
Through a freak accident, Zach somehow finds himself stuck in the body of Charlotte, his adorable upstairs neighbor. He learns to control her and finds that his desires are becoming hers, and he can make her do everything he’s always wanted.

Cheers (M2F Body Swap)
Kyle’s sister, Lauren, is such a brat. A gorgeous brat, but still. So when an accident with one of their father’s machines causes them to switch bodies, he’s not at all happy to be stuck in Lauren’s busty body. But he surprises himself by finding his adjustment extremely pleasurable, especially with the help of one of his sister’s hot friends.

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