Couldn’t get enough

Kaitlyn had no idea why she was so horny today. For the fourth time in the last two hours she got naked and spread her legs on the couch to play with herself.
Just the sight of her own naked body made her wet, and she'd never taken as much delight in her tits as she did that day. As she pinched her tiny nipples and slipped her fingers into her wet warmth she muttered things to herself like "Goddamn, this body is nice" and "Fuck, look at that little pussy".
Kaitlyn particularly enjoyed watching her fingers work up and down her body. She'd never before spread her pussy with her fingers and gazed into her glazed folds, but today she couldn't get enough. The orgasms were intense and she cried out in lust, squirming on the couch as she fingered herself to climax again and again.
She was exhausted and a little bit sore, yet she found herself returning to masturbate, enjoying her body anew each time as if it was the first time she was seeing it.Sometimes her fingers were clumsy, as if she'd forgotten how to touch herself. At other times they were too rough. And sometimes they were just right. But they always brought her to orgasm.
Kaitlyn had no idea that her body had been programmed into a Possession Machine (TM) and she was being possessed by a succession of guys, each eager to explore her delicate little form. She thought her actions were her own. The pleasure certainly was. Though everything was being shared - and controlled - by strangers.

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    1. yeah this cap it great I also wouldn’t mind seeing some more like this or at least in the perspective where the possessed person thinks they did all of the actions they where forced to do, as though they it of their own volition

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