Ray gently slid his new lips off his former cock with a wet pop and smiled up at Ashlee, the student in his body. She'd stopped protesting when he started sucking her dick. Ashlee opened her mouth to say something else but Ray smiled and wrapped his lips around her dick once again.
Ray slid Ashlee's soft lips down his former shaft, undulating his tongue beneath the underside of her cock, taking as much of himself in as he could. Ashlee had quite good control of her gag reflex and Ray soon held his own dick entirely inside his mouth, his little nose pressed against his former groin. The tangy scent of his manhood filled his nostrils. 
The thought of what he was making Ashlee's body do to himself was getting him wet. He could feel his little pussy lips moistening and slipping against each other as he shifted, as a growing tenseness flitted through him, preparing to wind his body up towards a wonderful release.
Ray had been running Swap Class and ended up with an uneven number of students. With a little careful manipulation he was able to arrange it so that he would swap with Ashlee, the petite blonde he'd been fantasizing about. He knew it was wrong to think about a student in that way but he couldn't help it. There were too many things that could go wrong if he tried to hook up with her as himself.
But as her, he could access her body whenever he wanted and no one would question it. There was just the little matter of placating Ashlee. And it seemed, as her cock began throbbing in his mouth and he prepared himself for the taste of her cum, that she was pretty placated.

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  1. I love it to become the new Ashlee myself, and grasp the opportunity to give the new Ray some mindblowing experiences, and finally being rewarded by the new Ray when his joystick will fill my pussy with lustfull, delicious meat, eventually releasing his cum load inside me, the two of us being unaware of the fact that this seals us forever …. . – Tom –

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