Every time the man's body was close to cumming, the three bodyhoppers would swap bodies. Grayson went from lying on his back, his cock surrounded by the older woman's wet heat, to kneeling beside the two, a man's hand on his perky breast.
The three hoppers had taken over the bodies of a mom, a dad and their daughter while on vacation. They swapped in and out, prolonging their pleasure and experiencing it over and over through each of the three bodies.
The mom's body was soft and curvy, her pleasure so near the surface it easily burst out, making whoever was inside her throw back their head and moan as they rode the cock or someone else's tongue.
Personally, Grayson preferred the daughter. Her dad's cock felt right at home in her tight pussy and he would play with his bouncy tits as he rode it, staring down at himself to watch their connection, his slippery pink folds spread apart for the thick dick. Meanwhile, Grayson's friend would kneel behind him and run the mother's tongue up and down her daughter's puckered asshole, or sometimes sit on the father's face while they made out and orgasmed on top of him, juices dripping down onto his body.
They swapped mounts for hours, until the man's body was exhausted and he had to cum, gripping the daughter's hips and exploding into her, filling her with bursts of hot seed while Grayson moaned, his entire body quivering in ecstasy as they ruined the family.

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  1. Love these where multiple guys take over the same girl. Even better when they talk about the ins and outs of each body

  2. I’m a 41 year old married mother of one child. I love to be in the same position like the older woman from the picture.
    But I was always jealous how it feels for men. So, I would just like to swap bodies with a guy like the one from the picture above for a day or week. Then I could try out everything 😍

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