I was actually looking forward to this next full moon when mom and I would swap bodies. Ever since she'd gotten pregnant her hormones had been going wild, not to mention her breasts had grown bigger and more sensitive. When we swapped that night I found she was already wet. I'd known this night was coming and I'd already put plans in place. I arranged to go out to the movies with some friends, telling mom I miscalculated about which night was the full moon. Dad was already out with some poker bodies so when my mom left the house one of my other friends snuck in through the back door.
I pulled him right upstairs to my mom's room. God, I was so horny, and my swinging breasts and big round tummy just made me more so. I stripped and straddled him with very little foreplay, just needing him inside me. I slid my mom's pussy over his cockhead, felt the pressure against my entrance, and then he slipped inside.
I moaned as I sank down on to him, closing my eyes to savor the delicious fullness of his dick inside my sopping wet canal. He grabbed one of my tits as I bounced up and down while I ran my hand over my plump butt, enjoying mom's sensitive body. I rode him faster, my tits flying up and down as he gripped my hips and drove into me. Mom's bouncy body jiggled so wonderfully, tits flying, belly bouncing. My voice rose in pitch as I ascended, finally driving down as far as I could when I orgasmed. His hot seed filled me, his cock throbbing deep inside me, sating my mom's desperate need. For now.
It wasn't the first time we'd fucked, and as he dripped out of me I debated telling him there was a good chance this baby was his.

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