Body Switch Collection: Volume 10

5 previously published erotic body swapping stories by M Wills in Body Switch Collection: Volume 10, available on Smashwords or Amazon.

I Wish
MtF and MtM
Three explicit short stories of people finding themselves in someone else’s body and enjoying — or being forced to enjoy — their new pleasure.

Stuck Inside
MILF Body Swap
When Oliver’s machine malfunctions it causes his family to swap bodies with his friend’s family next door, leaving Oliver in the body of a hot MILF. They’re all quarantined for two weeks, which gives them plenty of time to explore their incredible new bodies.

Forbidden Love
FtF and MtF Transformation
When Rachel finds a magic pendant that lets her transform into her hot friend, she uses it to explore her friend’s body and tries to capture the attention of her own stepbrother, with unexpected results.

Chemical Attraction
MtF Possession
An experimental drug leaves Tony’s mind stuck in the body of his sexy, vivacious friend, Rebecca. While trying to figure out a way to swap back, he takes advantage of his time inside by intimately exploring her body.

Virtual Worlds
MtF Body Switches
Jay is excited when his virtual reality rig arrives. It promises to put him right in the middle of the action, as though he was one of the participants in his favorite erotic movies. And it works. Only…there must be something wrong, because instead of a big burly man, Jay finds himself in several other bodies including the biker chick, the granny, the pregnant wife, and the maid with a surprise between her legs.

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