Neither I nor my mom took the old woman's body swap curse seriously, so we were completely unprepared for the next full moon when it happened. I was out at dinner with my girlfriend. One second I was sitting across from her, about to dig in to my pasta, and the next I was on my knees in the living room.
Something tickled down my neck, while my chest felt so heavy and strangely jiggly. But most immediately there was something warm and hard-soft in my mouth, a musky scent in my nose, and I was staring up at my half-naked dad. It didn't take me long to figure out exactly what was in my mouth and once I did I pulled back and gaped down at myself. Huge tits swung below me and my body was barely covered by a see-through shirt.
But before I could even take all this in, something hot and wet spurted across my face and my chest.
"Shit. Sorry, I couldn't hold it," my dad groaned, as he spattered me with his cum.
Wordlessly, I ran to the bathroom, clasping my breasts to keep them from bouncing. My ass wiggled strangely and my whole balance was off, but eventually I made it to the bathroom and turned on the light. My mom's face looked back at me from the mirror, startled and dripping with cum.
"You okay?" My dad came in and slipped up beside me, hefting one of my tits in his hand. "If you want to clean up I can take care of you. It's only fair."
Mom's body was all revved up. I could feel a pleasant moisture between my legs. But I was still too terrified about our swap to want to do anything.

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