There-mom 2

The first time I'd ended up in mom's body I'd been too scared to do anything, especially with dad right there. Mom had come home that night just as confused as me. We soon both figured out it was the body swap curse and that it would happen every full moon.
We tried to find the old woman from the markets but she was gone. Mom and I resigned ourselves to swapping bodies every full moon. The next time it happened we were both at home, ready for it, Neither of us wanted to go out and interact with people in our new bodies, so we locked ourselves in our respective rooms.
I don't know what mom did in my room, but as soon as I locked the door I cast off my clothes and explored myself. Mom's tits were huge, so jiggly and fun to play with. I stroked each one, teasing the little nipples into sharp spikes as a needy warmth filled me. Her tits were so big I could suck on them, and I took them one at a time into my mouth, running my tongue along the nipples, enjoying myself immensely as my pussy grew wetter.
Finally I slid a finger inside myself, shuddering in delight as I slipped through my warm, velvety folds. I fingered myself faster, trying to find the right angle, the right pressure. I soon got it good enough that the warmth exploded through me and I stuffed my fingers into my mouth to muffle my moans as I came, the orgasm making me shake so wonderfully.
My mom might have been doing the same thing to my body in my room, but I know she didn't orgasm four times that night like I did.

5 previously published erotic body swapping stories by M Wills in Body Switch Collection: Volume 10, available on Smashwords or Amazon.

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  1. I can’t stop coming back to this cap! I wonder if maybe the boy and the mother would want to explore their new bodies together? Do you plan on making a part 3?

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