The Sub (MtF Body Swap)

A nerdy student swaps bodies with his busty teacher and does all the things he’s dreamed of doing with her body in The Sub, available on Smashwords, Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold.

Chris has a crush on his Civics teacher, Miss Andrews. When they swap bodies with each other as part of a cultural exchange, Chris gets to experience life from her perspective. But he’s still got the mind of a young man…and that mind is extremely interested in the sensual new body he now controls.

There’s supposed to be a mental block that limits what swapped people can do and remember in their temporary bodies. But something’s gone wrong and Chris discovers he can do anything in Miss Andrews’s body. The longer they stay swapped the more characteristics of each other they inherit, so it’s not long before Miss Andrews takes on a new attraction to her old body.

And with no mental block to stop them, the two plan to indulge their every desire.

This 11,000+ word story is a standalone alternate version of the previously published story “Substitute Teacher”, and contains themes of body swapping, and explicit solo and hetero scenes.

Even though Chris knew he was supposed to be in Miss Andrews’s home, it still felt sort of creepy walking around alone, like he was a burglar or something. There were still quite a lot of boxes around the place from her recent move. The kitchen was mostly put together, and the living room had a small couch and a television. But a few bookshelves up against the wall still stood empty and a pile of unlabeled boxes took up a small office.

Chris wandered down the hallway towards Miss Andrews’s bedroom. The mental block was designed to prevent people from having sex, or taking pictures, or even looking at their new body in the nude. People’s eyes sort of glanced away from their body, and even if they caught a glimpse the sight of their new bodies wouldn’t be stored in memory. Chris had heard from some other kids who’d been through the swap program that, though there was no way to break through the mental block, you could still sneak a peek at your body if you were careful. The trick was intent and using your peripheral vision. Though you wouldn’t remember later what it looked like.

I need to take a shower, Chris repeated the thought over and over to himself, like a mantra, hoping to convince the mental block.

He reached around behind his back and unbuttoned the top button of his blouse. Then he pulled the top over his head and brushed his silky hair back out of his eyes. He couldn’t resist, and looked straight down at himself. Miss Andrews’s huge breasts hung from his chest, straining against a plain white bra. The cups looked enormous, as did the curves that disappeared into them.

Still repeating his mantra, Chris reached around and struggled with the clasp of the bra. He had to wiggle around a little but soon had it apart. Shrugging it off his shoulders he couldn’t help but look down at his bare chest. There hung Miss Andrews’s tits, looking even better than he’d imagined. The wide expanse of both breasts protruded from his chest, so big they obscured the view of the rest of his body. Each breast was capped with a quarter-sized areolae.

Chris forgot to breathe for a second as he stared down at his teacher’s tits. His tits now. It occurred to him that the mental block should be preventing this. But then maybe he’d understood wrong and the mental block would just impact his memory of the event? Whatever. Best to live in the moment.

Chris cupped his huge tits in each hand. They spilled out of his fingers and he hefted them, watching as they wobbled in his grasp. They were heavier than he’d imagined. Plump and ripe and so wonderful to squeeze. He let out a long slow breath as he gaped down at his body, making Miss Andrews’s hands grasp and caress her own tits. When he released them they bounced back together. He took them up again and watched them bounce back together, enjoying the elasticity of his skin, the slow, ponderous motion of his tits, and their wonderful weightiness. Chris could have stared at his new tits for hours, watching his new skin jiggle as he fondled himself. But there was a warmth steadily growing between his thighs.

Wondering how far he could push it, Chris reached around and unzipped his skirt before letting it drop to the floor. Now he stood wearing just Miss Andrews’s white panties, clasped between her smooth, creamy thighs. Hooking his thumbs beneath the panties, he rolled them over his fatter butt and down his legs, his tits dangling beneath him as he leaned forward.

He was totally naked now and staring down at the light tuft of hair between his legs. Holy fuck, Miss Andrews was hot. She must have been somewhere in her early thirties. Slightly plump but not quite mom-ish, with a jiggly bubble butt and grabbable hips.

There was a full-length mirror against her closet wall and Chris stepped in front of it. His breath hitched in his throat as he gaped at his image. Miss Andrews’s reflection stared back at him, wearing only her glasses. Her mouth was open in a little ‘o’ of surprise. Chris’s eyes crept up and down her body. Bringing his hands up, he began sliding them around his curves, exploring the new shape of himself. His fingers whispered over his plump butt and he grabbed a handful to squeeze, then gave it a light tap and watched the ass cheek bounce. He turned back and forth to admire his figure, his breasts swaying gently as he did so.

As he stroked himself his hand neared his mound and he soon followed the coarse trail of pubic hair down between his legs. He stared at himself as he made Miss Andrews’s fingers trace the soft line of her slit. There was a warmth inside him yearning to be set free, and dipping his fingers lightly into his pussy made him burn bright.

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