An epilogue of sorts to The Sub.

Eric didn't exactly want to put on makeup, but it was uncomfortable without it. Like he'd gone outside without pants or something. He had no idea that the mental block wasn't in place, and that it was Amber's routine slipping in. All he knew was that he had to put on the little skirt and the crop top. He had to brush his hair and do his makeup. He had to look pretty.
Eric knew he should have been upset to be placed in Amber's petite body, but he wasn't. He slid the makeup around his lips and stared at his soft new face in the mirror. At his delicate lips and nose and cheeks. They were familiar but tinged with strangeness, the feeling of something nice but not quite right.
The faint familiarity wasn't quite enough to overcome his excitement at watching Amber's tiny blonde body move for him, at being able to pull down his top and grope his perky little tits whenever he wanted. But he always put himself back together in the end, unable to leave the house in anything less than perfection.
He capped the makeup and eyed himself critically in the mirror, adjusting his outfit here and there, leaning one way then the other to see how he looked from different angles.
Eric hadn't quite brought himself to fully explore his new body. He still thought of himself as a man, and the sight of his new slender hands touching himself weirded him out just enough to keep him from crashing over the precipice. He'd come so close and was still so horny. He had no doubt that if he offered his body to someone else they would take him up on it. And maybe they could get him over the top.

A nerdy student swaps bodies with his busty teacher and does all the things he’s dreamed of doing with her body in The Sub, available on Smashwords, Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.

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