Collection of pixels

Alex had kept an empty appointment slot in his calendar so he could use the little charm bracelet. He twisted one of the charms and instantly found him outside his office at his secretary's desk, peering at the world through her eyes.
Knowing he only had thirty minutes he stood and unzipped his dress. Stepping out of it, he ogled his secretary's body, which he now possessed. She wasn't wearing a bra and his bare tits jiggled from his chest. Alex took them in each hand and stroked them, pinching the tiny nipples and squeezing the pleasantly plump tits.
He set up his cell phone and posed for himself, stretching his secretary's body in a variety of poses before running his hands up and down his body. He felt his pussy growing wet and warm, and hefted himself onto the desk.
Spreading his legs, he dipped his fingers into his dewy folds, enjoying the sight and sound and feel of his body. He wasn't shy about making noise, and his higher pitched cries only made him hornier. He thrust his fingers deep into his wet opening, clutching his breasts as he came, his entire body shaking with pleasure.
After enjoying her tremendous orgasm he got dressed and resumed his seat at the desk. Scarcely a minute later he was back at his own desk, his secretary's naked body only a beautiful memory, and a collection of pixels.

A man finds a watch that can clone his mind into someone else’s body and uses it to satisfy his selfish desires in The Watch, available on Smashwords, Amazon, or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.

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