Don’t have to know

"What will the kids say?" Dillon whispered, as his wife fondled and suckled his heavy breasts. The water soaked their new young bodies, making them slippery and wet.
Thanks to a fluke of Swap Island, Dillon's wife, Meg, had ended up in the body of her son, while Dillon had ended up in the body of his daughter. There was only so long they could hold out with their new hormones, and it all came to a head after they returned from the pool to find the room was empty.
"The kids don't have to know," Meg said, flipping Dillon around with her masculine hands and pressing him up against the glass wall of the shower.
Dillon's tits smashed against the cool glass and he scrabbled for purchase as Meg continued kissing his neck and sliding her hands up and down Dillon's body. The desire was too much, the yearning too much to take and Dillon spread his legs, allowing his wife to slip his son's throbbing cock into his daughter's wet pussy.
Dillon felt it traveling through him, pushing apart the walls of his tight cunt as it filled him. He moaned, sinking back, needing Meg deeper, driving down, down to sate the need coursing through his daughter's nubile young body.
Meg slid in and out, pounding him, his body jiggling up against the glass wall as he moaned in illicit pleasure, crying out in his daughter's voice as his wife came, pumping him full of hot cum and driving a long orgasm through his body.

A man finds a watch that can clone his mind into someone else’s body and uses it to satisfy his selfish desires in The Watch, available on Smashwords, Amazon, or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.


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