As if you don’t know

Your teacher, Mrs. Sanford, glides into the kitchen and gives you a peck on the cheek before pouring herself some coffee from the carafe.
"Mmm, you're looking delicious this morning," Mrs. Sanford says, returning to your side and giving you a gentle patt on the butt.
You smile and sip your coffee, arms pressing against your tremendous breasts. It's still kind of amusing to watch your teacher stroll naked through the house as though it's normal. She leans her pleasantly plump butt against the counter, coffee mug in one hand, the other slipping down between her legs to gently stir her pussy to warmth.
No one knows you've used your powers to alter reality, stealing the body of one of the school cheerleaders and amplifying your new breasts to enormous proportions. You love how they bounce and jiggle with each step.
And your teacher has no memory of a time when she wasn't your lover, when she wasn't so good with her fingers and tongue in your pussy, when she used to wear clothes, when her thoughts weren't consumed with pleasuring you both.
"What should we do this morning?" You ask, as if you don't know that you'll spend this morning as you've spent the last week: tucked up in bed with your former teacher as she licks your pussy and brings you to another round of orgasmic bliss while you play with your wonderfully enormous tits.

A man finds a watch that can clone his mind into someone else’s body and uses it to satisfy his selfish desires in The Watch, available on Smashwords, Amazon, or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.

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