Got a good one

"Hold her! Hold her!" Ray insisted as he held the chlorophyll over the mouth of the struggling woman.
"I'm trying!" Andre insisted. His new feminine body was weaker than his old, and it took all his strength to keep the woman they'd abducted off the streets under control.
Glenn's body was already unconscious on the other operating table, so he was no help. Soon the woman's eyes rolled up in her head and she passed out. Ray and Andre hoisted her onto the hospital bed, both swiping their long hair out of their eyes. It was going to take some time to adjust to their new bodies but they had all the time they needed. The women they'd kidnapped -- all strangers -- would take their place in their bodies and in prison for the robbery, while they would be free.
When everything was set, Andre maneuvered the needle into the back of the necks of the two sleeping people and swapped their bodies. A few minutes later, the blonde they'd just brought in blinked her eyes open. She pushed herself to a sitting position as Andre and Gary crowded around.
"Holy shit, this is great," Glenn said, staring down at himself. He pulled up his top, delighted to find he wasn't wearing a bra, and stroked his new tits. "Hmmm. Tits are a little small but other than that..."
"Size isn't that important," Ray assured him. "It's the sensitivity that matters." Ray stroked Glenn's thigh, sliding his fingers up against Glenn's panties.
"Mmmm," Glenn sighed, "In that case, I think I got a good one."

A man finds a watch that can clone his mind into someone else’s body and uses it to satisfy his selfish desires in The Watch, available on Smashwords, Amazon, or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.


  1. great cap, but I do want to point out one error: I’m guessing you mean “chloroform”, not “chlorophyll”. Unless there’s some botanical aspect of this that I’m not picking up on.

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