She’s back 3

She’s back part 1

She’s back part 2

Finding out his girlfriend wasn't completely gone was good. Suddenly being chauffeured to a mansion and being told by the rich lady who lives there that this is their house was even better. Best of all was that Katie was restless and continually brought home different bodies for them to enjoy.
Lucas was surprised and pleased the next day when a busty Hispanic woman showed up at the door and jumped on him. He knew instantly who it was, and they enjoyed the stranger’s body together for a week. They set up in the master bedroom (Sophia apparently fine with strangers fucking in her bed), Katie riding him hard while sucking on her own tits. She cried out in Spanish as she came, quivering on top of Lucas as he filled her with his hot seed.
It wasn't without consequences for the borrowed bodies. For one thing, Lucas had a foot fetish, and Katie satisfied him with her Hispanic body, sucking on her own toes and jerking him off with her dainty feet. For another, they used no protection, little caring about consequences that would be paid by someone else.
Because of that, the Hispanic woman found herself back in her own body weeks later, pregnant and with a new fetish. She couldn't get enough of her own feet, throwing her clothes off every day after work and sucking on each little toe. She could orgasm from it without even touching her pussy, and the pleasure left her soaking wet and sore.

A nerdy student swaps bodies with his busty teacher and does all the things he’s dreamed of doing with her body in The Sub, available on Smashwords, Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.


  1. Haha, wow!
    A third part already!
    I love how Katie just takes over any woman that peeks her interest and is willing to do anything to satisfy her boyfriend.
    Leaving their mind forever changed with no idea why.

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