She’s back 2

She’s back part 1

After Katie got Lucas's stepmom's body dressed, she told him she had a surprise for him. His stepmom's body paused, her eyes vacant for a second, and then she blinked.
"Oh, Lucas, I...don't know what came over me," her cheeks blushed red. "Don't tell your father."
"Don't worry," Lucas reassured her. But secretly he was wondering when Katie would come back so they could fuck again.
The door bell rang a few hours later, and Lucas was surprised to find a limousine out front. The chauffeur ushered him into the backseat and drove him to a huge house in a fancy suburb. When Lucas knocked on the door he was greeted by a sexy older woman wearing nothing but a g-string and a bra.
"What do you think, Lucas? This is the body I most often stay in. She's loaded and hot. And check this out!"
Katie -- for that's who it was in this body -- ran to a wall and did a handstand for Lucas. She came up laughing and took his hand.
"Come on up to the bedroom and I'll show you just how flexible I am."
As she lead him through the enormous house and up the stairs, she explained that she often brought home other bodies. Katie had altered the mind of the woman of the house -- Sophia -- so that she didn't mind strangers coming in and fucking each other...or her. Katie went on vacation in other bodies but always returned to Sophia. 
She showed Lucas why, stretching Sophia's legs and lowering herself onto his cock. Lucas gripped her fat booty and drove into her wet pussy. She came quickly, her little gasps rising in pitch until she quivered and orgasmed on top of him. Katie managed to cum twice more before Lucas couldn't hold back any more and thrust in deep, emptying his hot seed into this stranger's body as she moaned and took it 

A nerdy student swaps bodies with his busty teacher and does all the things he’s dreamed of doing with her body in The Sub, available on Smashwords, Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.

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  1. Wow, this is a really cool series!
    I like how we see Katie able to make people believe whatever she wants by altering their minds and the fact that she’s basically formed a new life for herself.
    Having an actual home she goes back to is so fun and kinky!

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