Wanna go again?

"Oh, hey, Mr. M," Thomas said, smiling awkwardly and pulling on his hair.
Mr. Middleton could tell what Thomas had been doing from the slight musky smell in the room and the slickness of his fingers. It had been like this a lot since Mr. Middleton's machine had accidentally caused his wife to switch bodies with the neighbor's kid.
"James, what did we tell you about being in Lisa's body?" He sighed.
James's face fell and he shrugged, his tits bouncing. "Sorry," he mumbled, as he bent over and began to put his clothes back on.
"I'll get the machine working and we'll swap you two back, but in the meantime you have to keep your hands off yourself."
His wife was acting like a teenage boy, one with instant access to a woman's body. Mr. Middleton couldn't really blame him. He'd seen how Lisa was in her new body with her teenage hormones. She had a constant erection which Mr. Middleton was sure she'd tried to take care of once or twice.
Mr. Middleton went down to the laboratory and Lisa popped up from behind the couch.
"That was close," she said.
"You got me in trouble!" James hissed.
"He's my husband, I'll sort it out. Besides, wasn't it worth it?"
James smiled. "Yeah."
"Um," Lisa said, looking down at her young cock which was springing back to attention at the sight of her former half-naked body. "You want to go again?"

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