The Devil You Know (Body Possession)

A demon builds his power by possessing people and changing their bodies and minds to suit his needs in The Devil You Know, on Smashwords, Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold.

Zed is a demon, capable of possessing people and altering their bodies and minds to serve his own ends. When he was younger he fell in love with a mortal named Lisa and now, many years later, has returned to save her from her humdrum life. But first he needs to build his power.

Lisa and a group of friends and family are driving up to a cabin in the mountains for the weekend. With the snow closing in, this secluded retreat is the perfect place for Zed to entice them into helping grow his power by granting their desires.

First Christopher, the overweight outcast who pines for Jane, the snobby cheerleader. With Zed’s help Christopher gets everything he wants and more.

Next is Lisa’s husband, an emotionless workaholic. Zed possess him to give Lisa a night to remember, satisfying her in ways she hasn’t experienced in years, before retreating to consolidate his power once more.

Then it’s on to Marlene and Mark, the hippie cougar and her young boy toy. Zed leads them through a night of unrivaled passion, transforming their bodies in front of their eyes in order to satisfy their deepest needs, over and over, leaving them breathless and beholden to him.

Soon Zed will have enough power to reveal himself to Lisa. And the chase is half the fun.

This 10,000 word story is part 1 of 2 and contains male to female body possession, body transformations, and erotic solo and couple scenes.

“A demon named Zed did that,” Zed whispered. Now he was so close to Christopher’s body, Jane’s breasts pressing Christopher’s arm, his fingers continuing to stroke the bulge beneath the pants. “And Zed wants me to give myself to you. Do you want to fuck me?”

Christopher struggled to breathe and for a second Zed thought the kid was going to back out. He froze in the hallway, then nodded again almost imperceptibly.

Now Zed moved his mouth even closer and Jane’s lips brushed Christopher’s ear as Zed filled Christopher’s head with Jane’s sweet words. “All you have to do is say ‘Zed is my master’. Can you do that for me, Christopher?”

“Z-zed is my master,” Christopher mumbled.

And, oh, that sweet shock of power. Ever so slight but then the kid didn’t really believe. Not yet.

Zed giggled lightly and took Christopher’s sweaty, hammy hand. Christopher let himself be led down the hallway past the toilets to a storage room. It was locked, but Zed used his superhuman strength to twist the handle anyway, shattering the lock with a solid CLUNK. He pulled Christopher in and shut the door when they were both inside.

It was a tight fit. Christopher’s body crowded most of the available space that wasn’t already taken up with shelves full of cleaning supplies, leaving just enough room for Zed to maneuver. Zed knew he didn’t have much time so he slipped out of Jane’s shimmering pink coat and dropped it onto a nearby shelf, then pulled his top over his head. Sweeping his silken auburn hair out of his eyes, he found Christopher staring at his bra. Jane’s perky tits were clasped tight by a simple cotton bra, the curves of her body stood out even more. The soft hourglass shape of her was startling in its beauty.

Zed turned around and lifted his hair out of the way. “Take off my bra, Christopher,” he ordered.

Zed didn’t even have to use his suggestive powers. Christopher fumbled with Zed’s bra for what seemed like forever. Poor kid had probably never seen one in real life. When it was unhooked Zed turned around and, holding the cups to his chest, slipped one arm out of a strap, then the other, teasing Christopher by holding the cups in place and then finally dropping the bra with a flourish and letting his wonderful breasts bounce free.

Jane’s breasts were taut, round little things, curving elegantly, the skin lightly freckled. Her strawberry-pink nipples pebbled up eagerly. Christopher stared at them, his mouth open.

“Go ahead,” Zed said, shaking his chest slightly so his breasts bounced back and forth, “Touch them.”

Christopher grabbed them with his meaty paws. He squeezed softly and Zed moaned theatrically. “Mmm, what do you think of my tits, Christopher?”

“Nice,” he mumbled, still squeezing Jane’s soft flesh, jiggling her breasts up and down.

“I want to hear you tell me I’ve got nice tits,” Zed cooed, placing his hands on Christopher’s own and squeezing lightly, directing him on how to treat Jane’s body.

“You’ve got nice tits,” Christopher said with more confidence, growing more sure this wasn’t a trick.

“Do you want to kiss them, Christopher?” Zed cooed.

Christopher licked his lips. “Yes.”

“I am a gift from Zed. Tell me that Zed is your master and you can kiss my tits.”

“Zed is my master.” No hesitation this time, and the accompanying shock of power was bigger, filling Zed’s head with warm desire and his body was a charge of power.

“Oh, suck on my tits, Christopher,” Zed moaned, Jane’s voice needy with desire.

Christopher eagerly did so, leaning forward and kissing each one. Zed held Christopher’s head against his chest and felt Christopher take a nipple into his mouth. Christopher sucked on it, tongue swirling around Jane’s sensitive skin. Zed placed Christopher’s hands on Jane’s hips and guided him up and down until Christopher began stroking Jane’s body on his own, his mouth still working its way across Zed’s tiny nipples.

Now Christopher grew more eager, licking Jane’s breasts while his hands roamed down to her taut ass. Zed grew warmer, delighting in letting this social outcast have his way with the beautiful cheerleader. Just making the world a more harmonious place. Christopher gripped and squeezed Zed’s soft body, growing ever more eager as Jane’s pussy grew moist. Zed felt the lips of Jane’s pussy opening, a wonderful thrill of anticipation growing through him as Christopher suckled on his nipples, kissing his way across each one, worshiping Jane’s gorgeous body.

Zed slid his hands down his own curves, enjoying the feel of Jane’s soft skin, the sway of her little hips. He unbuttoned his pants and pushed them down his legs. Jane’s slender swimmer’s thighs and calves came into view and Christopher pawed at the panties, groping Jane eagerly now. Zed slipped out of his grasp, turned around and leaned on one of the shelves, arching his back so that his perfect ass was sticking out behind him. He rolled the panties down his legs, his thighs already damp with anticipation. He half turned and gazed at Christopher with sultry eyes.

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