Familiar sensation

Robbie felt that familiar disorientation, and when he opened his eyes he was in Shyla's body. He immediately got undressed and fondled his wonderful tits as Shyla unbuckled her pants and freed her cock. Robbie knelt in front of himself, taking his former cock in hand to kiss and lick up and down the shaft, inhaling his own masculine scent while Shyla gazed down at him and gently stroked his cheek. Robbie loved sucking his own dick, feeling it slide across his new tongue as he lowered Shayla's mouth down his former shaft. This body was made for sex.
Shayla was a call girl who had a standing arrangement to visit Robbie every week at his apartment. Once there, Robbie swapped their bodies so he could enjoy being in her feminine form, and she could enjoy having a cock for an hour.
Sucking his own dick made Robbie wet. He slid his lips off his cock with a wet pop and stood, before gently lowering himself onto his former lap. Shayla guided her cock against Robbie's soaking pussy lips, and he felt the pressure of her cockhead as it met his entrance. His pussy parted for her and he sank down on himself with an airy gasp, delighting in the way Shayla's body felt as it was filled, his own cock burrowing into him, warm and thick.
Robbie played with his jiggly new tits as he bounced on his own cock, squeezing the nipples and fondling himself until he came, moaning around his own dick. Shayla had learned excellent control in the weeks since they'd been doing this, and she waited until he came before she released, her cock throbbing, filling Robbie's tight pussy with his own hot seed and satisfying them both.

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