Big old butt 2

Kevin trembled as Ryan caressed him, the bare cock pressed against Kevin's supple ass, hard and ready for him. Kevin had never gone this far in his new body.
"It's okay," Ryan reassured him, "I'll go slow."
Kevin had come to know his body intimately over the next week after the lightning strike swapped him into his friend's sister's body. They couldn't keep a secret what had happened, and each tried to resume their normal lives. For Kevin, that meant hanging out with his friends, including Ryan, who'd always had a crush on Kevin's new body.
The two had split off from their friends one day and ended up back at Kevin's house, where it soon became clear what Ryan wanted. Kevin was intrigued as well, and soon the two were kissing and petting and naked.
Now, they both watched as Ryan pressed his cock against Kevin's new entrance. Kevin's pussy felt so tight and Ryan's cockhead felt so big. There was a beautiful pressure that built, along with the anticipation shooting through Kevin, and then Ryan entered him with a gasp.
The cock slipped slowly into Kevin's wet pussy, filling him with a divine heat. Kevin sank back onto it, watching as his friend's cock disappeared between those beautiful pussy lips he now owned. Soon Ryan was lodged deep inside and Kevin's body was burning with desire. They moved faster together, until Kevin was leaning on the mirror, arching his back as his friend pounded him. Kevin cried out in his sweet new voice and came, quivering around Ryan's dick as it throbbed and filled him with hot seed.
It was the first time but definitely not the last.

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  1. I wish I were such a lovely, attractive woman myself, and experience my boyfriend cumming inside me in this delicious way ….. . – Tom –

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