Big old butt

Wow, I've got a big old butt, Kevin thought to himself as he hiked up his pink nightie and looked at himself for the first time since the swap.
He gave his ass a slap and watched his butt cheeks wiggle. The hair tickling his neck and the tits bouncing on his chest were a lot to get used to, but somehow seeing his big bootie was what made it real.
Kevin had been spending the night at his friend's house during a lightning storm. The electricity had gone out and his friend's sister had come downstairs in only her nightie. Kevin had offered to help find and light candles, taking the opportunity to enjoy her big juicy ass.
It was the next lightning strike that sent everything black. When he awoke in the pitch dark of the room, his body felt different. His body moved in strange ways as they searched for a light. It was only when they got the candles lit that he discovered whose body he was in.
Now, with no chance of reversing it save another random lightning strike, his friend's sister had given him her bedroom for the night. But Kevin was too excited and intrigued to sleep, and he took the opportunity to look at the body he'd coveted and now owned.
He hiked the nightie higher and higher before throwing it off and staring at the naked woman in the mirror. She was a few years older and her body was incredible. Although Kevin realized that those tight curves belonged to him now, as did the absence between his legs that was calling out for attention. And now he could do anything he wanted with her.

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