Lifetime to adjust

Tyson's mom had left him in the hotel while she went to the pool on the top floor. He was settling down for a nap when the world shook, and between one blink and the next he was in a new place.
Suddenly he was at the top of a building, the city spread out beneath him.
He gasped at the sudden change of scenery, and discovered his voice was lighter, higher pitched. His hands flew to his face, found soft cheeks, a delicate jaw, a slender nose, and long, silky hair. And that was before he even looked down at himself and saw two floppy breasts that had fallen out of a familiar leopard-print bathing suit. His arm was resting on a breast and he jerked it away in surprise, feeling it bob beneath him.
It was his mom's suit. These were her tits, her body he was in. What the hell? 
He grabbed each tit -- god, they were so heavy! -- and stuffed it back into his bathing suit, grimacing as he did so, not wishing to touch his mom's body so intimately. Even so, he was acutely aware of how his breasts pressed against the tight fabric, and how they bounced at each step.
It didn't help that so much of his mom's skin was on display. As he walked through the panicking crowd to get back to his room, he couldn't help but feel his thighs sliding together, feel the pull of the bathing suit as it nestled against his mom's pussy -- his pussy now. His new body occupied space differently, felt smaller in some places, bigger in others, with swaying hips and long legs.
And he would have a lifetime to adjust.

A demon builds his power by possessing people and changing their bodies and minds to suit his needs in The Devil You Know, on Smashwords, Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.

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