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By request, an alternate version of one of the scenes from

Brian peered into the bedroom window of the Blakemore's house. Brian's girlfriend, Sally, was babysitting them, and Brian suspected that they were also using to take over her body while she was there. Why else would they insist on a babysitter despite clearly being of an age where they could take care of themselves?

Sure enough, peeping through the window, Brian saw Tom and Jake on either side of Sally. She was almost entirely nude, her graceful tits bouncing against Jake's chest as he kissed her cheek. She reached into his shorts and grabbed his dick. All the while, Tom knelt behind her, feasting on her ass. Brian could hear their moans from outside. He felt sick, but was unable to stop them from using Sally's body. Slipping on the glasses, Brian saw the third brother, Jonathan, inside Sally's body, controlling her, making her their horny sex slave.
Brian watched in impotent rage as the two brothers enjoyed Sally's body. 

She moaned lustily, spreading her legs to let Jake slide his cock into her wet entrance as she sucked happily on Tom's dick. Sally was a gentle, conservative girl who would have been horrified to see what they were making her do. They'd turned her into a sex-crazed whore. 

As Brian watched she took her time with each cock, sucking and fucking them both, switching out each hole so she could suck on her own juices and let the brothers pinch and prod her. Her cries grew higher in pitch, cresting when Jake shoved his dick inside her, pounding away at her ass as she came, convulsing around his cock as she gagged on Tom's dick.

Brian watched as Jake grunted, emptying himself into her as she thrust her lips down Tom's cock to let him erupt into her mouth. She kept her lips around his shaft until he was finished. Only then did she sit up, cum dripping down her chin. She dipped her finger into her pussy, scooping out Jake's cum and letting it drip down her tits. They all laughed as she did so.

"God, I'm such a little fucking cum dumpster!" Jonathan made Sally exclaim. "Better go clean off before my time runs out."

Brian hurried back to his house. There must be a way to remove someone from the website. He had to find it before the three brothers humiliated Sally any further.

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