Took to it

Devon really took to having the body of Jenna from The Office. He'd swapped into the actress during the Great Shift when he'd been touring around Hollywood and seen her coming out of a restaurant. Next thing he knew he was in her body.
Devon enjoyed dressing up her body, picking out the cutest, sexiest outfits and parading around to the envious looks of other people. When the panic died down and Devon returned to college, men and women flocked to him.
Devon's best friend had swapped with an older teaching assistant, and for his friend's birthday Devon showed up outside his apartment, Jenna's body dressed in a pretty pink outfit with long, white tights.
"Happy birthday," Devon smiled when his friend opened the door.
Devon loved Jenna's body. And he really loved sharing it with people. He launched into his friend's arms and kissed him, scrabbling for the zipper of his friend's pants.
They tumbled onto the couch, his friend's cock hard and ready. Devon sank down slowly onto the shaft, sighing as he filled Jenna's little body. He turned to admire his ass while his friend ogled Jenna's tits.
Devon bounced happily on his friend's dick, driving it deep inside his wet pussy until he shivered and came, a little sigh escaping his lips as his friend pumped up and into him, filling Jenna's pussy with hot seed and satisfying them both.

A demon builds his power by possessing people and changing their bodies and minds to suit his needs in The Devil You Know, on Smashwords, Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.

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