Wife Swap (MtF Body Swap)

A husband is fed up with his sexless marriage and swaps bodies with his curvy wife to enjoy her body in Wife Swap, available on Smashwords, Amazon, or wherever ebooks are sold.

Opening up the jewelry box on the dresser, he found her wedding and engagement rings and slid them on to his new fingers. He admired them there, glinting on the slender digit of his wife’s elegant hand.

“These haven’t been on my fingers for a while. I think you look great, what do you think?” Shawn asked to the still-silent Deborah. “Speechless, huh?”

Shawn strutted over to her and leaned his breasts against her chest. He had to look up at his former face, having lost some height. He took Deborah’s masculine hand and placed it on his chest, resting it on the soft cashmere sweater that he so adored. Deborah opened her mouth to say something but then paused, shifting uncomfortably and looking down at herself as her cheeks reddened. Shawn followed her gaze, taking a half step back so he could see what was bothering her. It was the bulge in her pants, her new cock pressing out, hard and urgent.

“Looks like you’re enjoying the sweater as much as I did. I wonder what other feelings we swapped?”

One hand still guiding Deborah’s male hand across his chest, Shawn slipped his other hand down her jeans and found her hardening cock.

“Ooh, someone’s happy to see me,” he purred.

Deborah tried to pull away but he tightened his grip around her dick and grinned, pulling her close. He continued forcing Deborah to stroke her own breast, hand circling over the soft cashmere sweater while he tugged on her cock. His fingers slid up and down his former shaft, and there was a moment of surprise as he felt how big it seemed from smaller hands. It had an appealing hard-softness and the warmth of it echoed in Shawn’s new body.

Deborah either didn’t have the control he had or else his body was extremely horny from lack of sex, but in seconds he felt her cock throb beneath his fingers. She groaned, closing her eyes as she spurted into her pants and onto her former fingers. Her hot cum dripped down Shawn’s new hand and he laughed as she came. When she was done he pulled his hand out of her pants. Her milky cum ran down his fingers in slick rivulets.

“Wow, can’t believe that worked. I just gave you more sex in ten minutes than you did in the last ten years,” Shawn laughed. “Now it’s my turn. Stay here and watch me. Consider that an order.”

The warmth between Shawn’s legs was calling to him, and he joyfully tore off the clothes he’d put on only moments earlier to luxuriate in his naked, feminine body. He stretched out on the bed and spread his legs, hands coming up to Deborah’s wonderful tits. He fondled them, fingers splayed over their sheer immensity, juggling them and squishing them together, fingers dimpling the soft skin. The pleasant weightiness was intoxicating, and it was nice to know he still had his own desires for Deborah’s body. How he’d longed to bury himself in her tits and now he could do whatever he wanted with them.

He couldn’t remember the last time she’d played with her tits, and the sight of her hands on them from his new point of view from behind her eyes sent little shivers of heat through him. He stroked and caressed her breasts as he’d longed to do almost nightly for seven years, pinching each little nipple and enjoying the stolen pleasure as it flitted through his body, gathering between his legs. As he twisted his legs back and forth in restless anticipation, he felt the slight slipperiness of his pussy and he released a breathy sigh.

Deborah hovered in the doorway, too afraid to leave, forced to watch as he made her own hands fondle herself. Shawn’s fingers slid down Deborah’s plump form, over her round tummy and then over her mound until his fingers grazed the coarse hair leading to her entrance. He followed the trail of hair, stroking gently up and down the line of his slit as he grew warmer. His pussy lips grew looser at his touch, soon opening for him and he dipped a finger inside himself. He shuddered as he touched Deborah’s little pink pussy. God, he missed it. And to feel it from both outside and in, well, that made it even more special.

There had been times during sex he wondered what it was like to be Deborah, and now he let his hands explore his new pussy, fingers sliding into her velvety lips and experimenting, doing everything he’d always been jealous to think of her doing. Her pussy was his now, and he sighed happily as he stroked himself, spreading his growing wetness up and down his opening. His other hand continued caressing his heavy tits. Stroking up his pussy, his fingertips landed on Deborah’s clit, the little button engorged and slick. Touching it caused a spike of warmth, and he rested his finger on it, circling his little clit while pleasure raged inside.

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