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"I thought we could try these pills for date night," Aaron said, placing a bottle on the coffee table.
"You want to get high?" His wife, Heather, asked astonished.
"No, they're not those kind of pills. These are specially formulated transformation pills. They'll turn us into each other."
Heather had heard about these new pills, but it took some convincing for her to actually try. Finally, she agreed in order to appease Aaron, but she really wasn't looking forward to it.
        The changes started soon after downing the pill. In a matter of minutes Heather's breasts shrank, retracting into her body and forming more solid pecs, while her arms and legs bulked out, growing muscular and longer. Her whole face tickled as it rearranged itself, cheekbones and nose becoming firmer and broader, stubble poking through her formerly smooth skin. Her blonde hair pulled back into her head and darkened.
Meanwhile, the opposite was happening to Aaron. Breasts formed on his chest, ballooning out to become larger, heavier, while his muscles shrank and his skin became smooth. Blonde hair tickled down his neck and the shape of his face morphed to a more slender profile, as long elegant legs formed beneath his pants.
	When the changes finished, the husband and wife were exact copies of each other. They each wiggled out of their clothes and marvelled at their new bodies. Aaron's hands flew to his tits, then to his ass, then down his legs, excited to touch everything at once. Heather stared down at the cock between her legs. She stroked it with her thick new fingers, getting used to the feel of it, inside and out, as it grew beneath her touch until it was straining up between her legs, bringing with it an urgent desire.
	She hoisted her petite husband into her arms with her new strength and carried him to the bedroom as he giggled and clung to her. For Heather, touching her former body, watching her naked husband's tits bouncing beneath her was enough to grow the urgency. Goddamn, she wanted to be inside him. She dumped him on the bed before stroking his pussy with her fingers while he massaged his own new tits until Aaron was wet and ready.
	Finally, finally, she slipped inside, sinking gratefully into his wet warm heat with a deep-throated moan. The feeling of being inside her husband's pussy was incredible, like it was where her dick needed to be. Thrusting in and out of her magnificent former pussy made an aching itch for release form at the base of her cock, a tension that rose too suddenly for her to contain it and before she knew it she groaned and came, thrusting deep inside and emptying her cock into her husband's pussy while he gasped beneath her.

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