Couldn’t sleep

Nick slipped into Eric's bedroom, his new body dressed only in a bra and panties. He clicked on the light but Eric didn't stir, so Nick sat on the bed and gently roused him. Eric blinked awake slowly and turned over, his new breasts tumbling across his chest as he did so.
"I couldn't sleep," Nick said. "It's too weird being in this body. I'm too warm and restless and...I think I'm horny."
During the Great Shift the day before, roommates Nick and Eric had swapped bodies with the attractive mother and her teenage daughter who lived in the apartment next door. The first day was one of shock and surprise, but now Nick had adjusted he was ready to explore a little.
Eric pushed himself into a sitting position and tossed the hair out of his eyes. "What do you want me to do about it?"
Nick kissed him, bending his body close, his hands stroking Eric's warm honey thighs. Their clothes were soon tossed off as their bodies warmed. Eric straddled Nick, cupping his huge breasts, stroking them them and watching them bounce as Nick worked his tongue deep into Eric's gentle folds. Nick didn't care that it was the pussy of his body's mom he was licking, he just enjoyed the tangy taste, the throaty moans from her, and the growing urgency within his own new body.

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