Utterly delighted

What are you doing? Your girlfriend speaks up inside your mind as you unbutton her shorts and shove your hand down against the soft hair of your new pussy.
"Just experimenting. I'm curious," you saying in her lilting voice.
Your fingers find your entrance, tracing the little line of your slit, exploring the tight little lips tucked so closely together. You remember being inside them, how wet and warm they felt. The memory itself starts to make you wet and warm
Stop, it's gross, she insists.
"I'll stop in a second," you lie, your finger tracing up and down, sending warm little shivers through your body.
You stare down at your new pussy, entranced at the sight, the feel of your slender new body. The machine fucked up. It didn't swap your bodies, it just put you inside her body. Now you have control and your girlfriend can only watch as you manipulate her body, using her slender fingers to stroke and finger your incredible pussy.
Her protests die down as the pleasure seeps through you both. You bite your little lips and moan as the wetness gathers beneath your fingers. Your clit rises and when you land on it you shiver with delight.
Now your girlfriend is urging you on, instructing you on how to stroke her as you grip your tits in the other hand. Your delight for her body is infectious, and soon the two of you are enjoying her orgasm. Your fingers feel so good deep in your slippery folds, and you cum twice, the pleasure roaring through you. You cry out as you sink to the floor, utterly delighted.

A gang of criminals hides out from the police by possessing a man, his wife, and their two college age daughters, but their plan to act normal goes awry as they give in to the temptation to enjoy their new lives in Heist, available on Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.


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