Heist (Part 1) MtF Body Possession

A gang of criminals hides out from the police by possessing a man, his wife, and their two college age daughters, but their plan to act normal goes awry as they give in to the temptation to enjoy their new lives in Heist, available on Smashwords or Amazon.

“So everything,” Ken said. “Those cops saw our car. There’re cameras all over this fucking city. It’s only a matter of time before they come knocking on our door.”

“I don’t like where this is going,” Melanie growled. She looked down at herself. “And I don’t like this fucking body. I’m soft and weak.”

“What do we do?” My voice asked.

After a few seconds of thought, during which I was forced to down some more beer, Ken spoke. “We have to act normal.”

“What does that mean?” Tiffany asked, pulling out the top of her shirt and staring down at her chest.

I wanted to slap his hands away. How dare he do that to my daughter’s body?

“It means we have to act like this fucking family would act. The cops come around here and find us all fucked up they might put two and two together. We need to find out everything we can about these people. Their names. What they do. Their friends. We’re gonna have to fake their lives until I can figure out our next step.”

After some grumbling, TJ remained on the couch flicking through Ken’s phone as the rest of us dispersed throughout the house to poke through our belongings, snooping through our phones and computers. I found myself heading upstairs. Tiffany and Melanie peeled off into their own bedrooms and I eventually entered the largest bedroom, tastefully decorated with lovely walnut furniture and abstract works of art.

“Shit, this must be my room,” my voice said. I hated swearing but the man in my body loved it.

I moved to the chest of drawers and pulled them out, digging through my panties and bras. My nose wrinkled.

“Ew, I gotta wear this shit?”

I closed the drawer and looked up at the mirror hanging on the wall above the dresser. My body was reflected back and I took the time to stare at it, lingering on my gentle face, my wide brown eyes, the little freckles on my soft cheeks, before letting my eyes roam up and down my form. Maybe it was the beer but my body had a soft glow about it.

“Hmm,” I grunted.

My body turned around and stuck out my ass, one hand sliding down my side to land on my butt. I squeezed it once and nodded appreciatively.

“Not bad for an old chick,” I said, my lips curling into a smile as I turned back to face the mirror. “Let’s check out the tits.”

I tried to fight for control but my hands didn’t even pause as they reached down, grabbed my black top and pulled it off over my head. I dropped it to the floor and pushed the hair out my eyes before reaching around and fighting with my bra. After some fumbling attempts I managed to unhook it and shrug it off my shoulders. My slender breasts dropped free and the criminal took them in his hands. I felt so used as the man in my body forced me to squeeze them, to shake my chest and laugh as they bounced back and forth.

“I gotta admit, having tits ain’t bad,” he said.

He pinched my nipples and pulled them up. Ow, that hurt. Stop it! He released them, my eyes locked on them as they flopped back into place. He did it several more times, progressively harder, until my nipples were red and aching. He jumped up into the air and laughed as my tits bounced crazily, until it got too painful and I clutched them both to my chest, massaging them slowly and thoughtfully. Oh god, I could feel my body getting excited at the touch of myself.

I found myself stripping naked, tossing my pants and panties aside. One hand slid down to the dusting of pubic hair between my thighs. I hated touching myself at the best of times and having someone else force me to do it was excruciating. Still, my traitorous hands cupped a breast and squeezed it up against my chest as my fingers stroked my nether region. I was forced to stare down at my naked body and paw at each dangling breast while my fingers traced a line up and down my entrance. The worst part was that I felt my body responding. There was a warmth beginning between my thighs as the criminal’s desire overrode my own.

“Fuck yeah,” I whispered to myself. “You like that don’t you?”

He started undulating my body, dancing for himself in the mirror like a stripper.

“Yeah, you’re a horny little bitch ain’t you?” My voice said, as I licked my lips and gave my ass a little slap. It was so degrading hearing me excoriate myself as I pawed at my body. Even worse, I was getting so wet.

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  1. Really liked this story, appreciate your writing skill, m. wills. one of the finest writers in the Fiction community.💖 I love to see if you post some of this story as captions in the future.

    1. Thank you, appreciate that! That’s an interesting idea posting some of my stories as captions, maybe I will.

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