Ain’t your mom 2

Ain’t your mom 1

Shortly after that first encounter, the gang member inside Bethany gave up all pretense of trying to be her. Nick came home from school early one day and, hearing a soft whimpering from the living room, followed the noise. Rounding the corner he saw his mom. She was naked and kneeling in front of the couch. Her legs were spread, revealing her pink pussy lips and her puckered asshole. She'd shoved her face between the legs of another woman and was licking long and slow. It was this strange woman that was whimpering as Bethany sucked her pussy.
The gang member had changed Bethany so much in such a short span of time, chopping off her hair, tattooing her tits, and now bringing home strange women. As Nick stood, shocked, in the doorway, the dark-haired woman came, crying out and thrusting his mom's head harder up against her pussy. She shook with orgasm, and Bethany remained between her legs until the last tremor subsided. Only then did they both look up and see Nick in the doorway.
"Who the fuck are you?" The dark haired woman said, covering herself.
"Oh, that's just this woman's son. Nothing to worry about. Quiet kid. Small dick, though." They both laughed and Bethany continued:
"Probably doesn't get any pussy, which is why he likes it when I let him fuck his own mom. Hey," Bethany said, turning to Nick, "This is my girlfriend. You can stick around for round two and maybe I'll let you jack off on your mom's tits, or you can get the fuck out. Your choice."
With a sigh covering for his delight, Nick chose the former.


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