His brother’s pleasure

Tim knelt on the bed and covered his eyes. His huge, round ass was up in the air and his brother shifted around on the bed to grip his wide hips.
Tim was so embarrassed to be doing this, embarrassed that he wanted so badly to be fucked, and unable to face his brother, who still had no idea it was Tim's mind in his girlfriend's body.
Tim felt his brother yank his g-string to the side, then something hard and warm pressed up against the puffy pink lips of his entrance. Tim was so wet; his brother knew just how to pleasure his girlfriend's body.
Tim gritted his teeth, expecting pain, but as his brother slipped his cock into Tim's slippery new canal he experienced a rushing relief, like his body needed to be filled after all the foreplay. A gasp escaped his lips and he gripped the bed as his brother slid inside slowly, taking his time. Tim felt each wonderful inch slide through him, pushing apart the walls of his cunt and driving deep, until his brother's groin rested on his ass and the cockhead tickled the dimpled nub of Tim's inner pleasure.
His brother withdrew and slid in again, gradually building to a rhythm, the gentle slap of Tim's ass rocking his whole body. Tim bit his lip and moaned, begging for more as his brother thrust faster, harder, pounding into Tim's sopping wet pussy until they came, his brother's seed filling his pussy in hot bursts while Tim cried out in utter ecstasy.
Maybe he could stay in this body a little longer.

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