Very funny

"Very funny, you assholes," Adam said, returning to the side of the pool. His huge new breasts bounced with each step, and the thong around his waist pressed against the new smoothness of his crotch. Black hair tickled down the back of his neck as he shot his friends a look.
Eric and Dwayne sat by the side of the pool, howling with laughter. Adam had wondered why there were so many hot women around the pool. He'd thought the transforming grotto would be a tiny pond, not this massive pool, so when his friends dared him to jump in without testing the temperature he did so without hesitation, only to come up from beneath the water transformed into a busty woman.
"Chill, man," Eric said, wiping the tears of laughter from his eyes, "The changes only last a day."
"Plenty long enough for us to have some fun," Dwayne agreed, eyeing Adam's curvy body hungrily.
"Ha. If you two think you're going to get any of this you can forget it." Adam pouted, crossing his arms beneath his jiggling breasts.
"Lighten up," Eric said.
"Yeah, come on," Dwayne pleaded.
Adam did wonder what it would feel like to have sex as a woman, but he wanted to make his friends pay for their trick first. And it was so easy to tempt them with this body.
For the rest of the day they did whatever Adam wanted, then that night they did what they all wanted.
The next day, Eric decided to take a turn in the pool.

The school bully has possessed his stepmom’s body and is out for revenge in Homecoming, available on Smashwords and Amazon.

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