Ain’t your mom

"Are you okay, mom?" Nick asked when his mom came back inside, smelling of cigarette smoke.
"Fine, why?" She drained the last of the vodka from her glass and tossed it away.
"I don't know. You've been acting different."
That was an understatement. Nick's mom, Bethany, was a cop who'd been recently set free after being kidnapped by some gang members. Maybe it was PTSD but she'd been much freer, drinking more and taking up smoking. She was also wearing fewer clothes, often walking around half naked as she fondled her tits. Nick had walked in on her a few times as she was masturbating in the living room, klegs in the air, fingers deep inside herself.
"Different how? You mean doing this?" Bethany pulled up her top. 
Her two heavy breasts bounced down her stomach and she laughed uproariously as Nick turned away in disgust. She took her tits in each hand and shook them at her son.
"Eww, mom!" Nick covered his eyes.
There was a pause, and when Nick opened his eyes again his mom was standing in front of him, completely naked.
"I'll tell you a little secret," she said, snaking her hand into his pants before he could stop her, grabbing his cock and pulling him close.
	Bethany stroked Nick's dick roughly as she yanked down his pants. Despite her being his mom, her hand felt so good Nick couldn't stop himself from growing hard. She tugged on him expertly, her tits swaying back and forth.
	"I ain't your mom, kid," Bethany growled. "I swapped bodies with this bitch. Now I'm the one undercover. I figure I gotta get something good out of being a chick."
	She stepped closer to Nick, never releasing him. Her floral scented perfume wafted into his nose. She grabbed his head and forced their lips together, stroking him the whole time. Nick's passion got the best of him and he nuzzled his mom's hair as she stroked him off.
	Bethany grabbed his ass and forced his cock up against her. The head of his dick left a wet trail as it slid across his mom's stomach. She stroked faster and Nick grunted. His dick throbbed in her hand and she aimed it at her stomach, laughing as the warm cum splashed onto her skin and dripped down between her legs..She released him suddenly and licked the cum off her fingers.
	"No one's gonna believe you. And if you still do tell someone, then everything will come out and the world will know your mom gave you a handjob and you liked it. Now if you're a good boy, maybe I'll give you more than just a handjob. Let's see where the day takes us."

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