Fixed up pretty well

"Whoa, Summer, what are you doing?"
Summer leaned against the doorway and ran a hand through her golden hair. She thought she'd fixed up this old body pretty well, even finally managing to find some clothes that didn't make her look like an old woman.
"Just because I'm stuck in your mom's body doesn't mean I can't make myself hot. Don't you think I'm pretty?"
"I mean, yes, I love you but still...that's my mom you're in."
Summer moved closer to the bed, letting her wide hips wiggle seductively. Their relationship had been fraught ever since Doug's mom stole Summer's youthful body and disappeared. They'd searched for a while but turned up nothing. Summer eventually resigned herself to being stuck in the body of her boyfriend's middle aged mom forever. Doug claimed he still loved her but hadn't touched her in weeks, so Summer decided to take matters into her own hands. Literally.
Summer sat on the bed and took Doug's hand, guiding it up beneath her top to land on her bare breast.
"Doesn't that feel good? You must be as horny as I am."
"Summer," he gulped, but didn't move his hand.
She smiled and unbuttoned his pants before pulling him down on top of her. He was rock hard, and his cock slipped against her wet entrance, the pressure building, building, until he sank into his own mom's pussy with a gasp. Summer raised her leg, pulling him closer, needing her inside this body that had been craving cock for so long.
Doug slammed into her, driving deep into her wet canal, his pent up desire working itself out on his mom's horny body until he thrust deep and came, emptying his seed into his mom's tight, wet cunt. Summer moaned and bucked, gasping as the pleasure of her new body filled her. Doug's heat spilled out of her pussy and dripped down her thigh. It was the start of a new chapter in their relationship.

The school bully has possessed his stepmom’s body and is out for revenge in Homecoming, available on Smashwords and Amazon.


  1. I have a question about one of your stories. In does the mom get possessed?

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