Homecoming (MtF Body Theft)

The school bully has possessed his stepmom’s body and is out for revenge in Homecoming, available on Smashwords and Amazon.

Jacob returns home from college for the break to find his stepmom changed. She’s gorging herself on food, dressing sloppily and…kissing the high school bully’s girlfriend?? It’s not long before Trent, the school bully, reveals it’s actually him inside Jacob’s stepmom. He’s used a magical talon to gain three wishes, and the first was to control Jacob’s stepmom completely to get revenge on her for preventing him from graduating.

For Trent’s second wish, he commands Jacob to obey him. Now Jacob has to submit to Trent’s every whim and humiliate himself as Trent takes his stepmom out on the town. Jacob can only watch as Trent shows off his new sensuous, curvy body to everyone, and shares the pleasure of his mature form with his gang of friends.

Can Jacob get hold of the talon and use the last wish to break the spell? Or will he and his stepmom remain the bully’s plaything forever?

This 10,000+ word story contains male to female body theft, humiliation, and erotic scenes involving lesbians, hetero couples and groups.

For his part, Trent—inside Rebecca—is giddy with power. This wasn’t how he planned to exact his revenge, but he can make it work. Avenging himself on both Becky and her son is a double treat.

“Get out of her body,” Jacob growls, moving towards her.

“Stop,” Rebecca says.

Jacob keeps coming, he reaches for the bird claw and Rebecca backs away. Erin releases Rebecca and tries to push Jacob back but he sidesteps her and grabs his mom’s arm. Rebecca’s eyes are wide with fear now. She doesn’t understand why the spell won’t work.

“I order you to stop!” She says, backing away, the claw held high.

Jacob struggles with Erin and Rebecca, grappling with them both as his mom holds the claw just out of reach. He doesn’t know how the claw works but it’s a good place to start. His fingers land on the claw.

“I command you to stop!” Rebecca cries.

Jacob freezes suddenly, one hand on the claw. His muscles refuse to obey his commands. Rebecca feels the fight go out of him and relaxes.

“I command you to sit down on the floor.”

Jacob drops to the floor so fast his jaw snaps shut painfully. He crosses his legs and looks up at Rebecca, completely at the mercy of the bully inside her body.

Erin claps her hands. “Yay. A slave!”

Rebecca sets the claw down on the table and towers over Jacob, hands on her hips.  She’s flooded with relief now that she’s figured out the claw’s little trick this time.

“You almost fucked up all my fun.”

“Why are you doing this?” Jacob asks.

Rebecca crosses her arms. “Your mom got me expelled. Lucky I found this little claw or else I’d have to come up with some other more…unpleasant form of revenge. As it is, I think this will be pretty fucking nice for everyone.” She scoffs. “Well, maybe not you.”

Erin slides back into Rebecca’s arms and wraps herself around the older woman’s body. “What should we do first, baby?”

“How about you show me how this thing works?” Rebecca says, cupping her pussy.

They kiss, Rebecca’s tongue sliding into Erin’s mouth. Rebecca reaches around and pulls Erin close. Their breasts press together as they make out, hands exploring each other’s bodies. Rebecca’s body is so soft and plump. Erin’s hands are a delight, tickling across her sensitive skin, plucking at a breast and dancing over her cheeks. Rebecca squeezes Erin’s tiny ass. Erin tastes so wonderful; it’s like all of Rebecca’s senses are heightened, her body on sharp alert. Jacob shuts his eyes.

Rebecca pulls away from Erin’s lips long enough to say, “I command you to watch us.”

Jacob’s eyes snap open and he stares at his mom kissing the younger woman. Erin helps Rebecca pull her nightie off over her head. She’s naked beneath. Her breasts bounce down almost to her stomach, heavy and ripe, the pink areolae big as silver dollars, the skin slightly striated with stretch marks. Trent quite enjoys the little pouch of a tummy and pleasantly plump thighs, which he’s been trying to make bigger by emptying the fridge. Rebecca’s coffee-colored pubic hair is trimmed into a triangle pointing at the slit between her legs, which Erin’s fingers even now trail down and across as they resume kissing and fondling each other.

Jacob can’t avert his eyes from his mom’s naked body, much as he tries. Trent is delighted with what he sees from Rebecca’s perspective. He’s always had a thing for older women, and though this day hasn’t exactly gone to plan he intends to salvage as much fun as he can. Rebecca’s body is already responding to Trent’s desire, growing warm and wet.

Rebecca grabs one of her own fat tits and squeezes it against her chest, tweaking her own nipple between two elegant fingers. Her other hand slips down the back of Erin’s skirt to grab her ass. Erin melts into Rebecca, pressing their soft bodies together, one of her hands fondling Rebecca’s swaying tits. Erin doesn’t know if she has a thing for women, but she sure as hell as a thing for this woman, the one who’s been such a terrifying authority figure but is now melting under her touch. Maybe it’s the power that’s making her so wet as she fondles Rebecca’s round, ripe body. Rebecca’s massive breast pools in Erin’s hand, too big to hold, spilling out the sides, wobbly and with a wonderful weightiness.

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